Friday, July 31, 2009

Fonthill Quilt wins Best of Show!

Here is it, hanging at the Sonoma County Fair. I hoped to win something but best of show was a big surprise. It placed second at the Marin County Fair.

I also entered the Storm at Sea quilt that Tamara and I made in the group category. They don't ask for all the names on the entry form so only my name shows on the quilt. It won Best of Section. This same quilt placed 4th at the Marin County Fair. This quilt is only 22x30".
On a worrisome note, my dogs broke into the cabinet under the kitchen sink yesterday and ate a box of decon. Since it wasn't apparent who ate how much, I rushed them all to the vet. It seems that Roxy (pictured) ate it and maybe not the others but they are all receiving treatment, just in case. I did a little research about this and treatment is very effective so she'll probably be fine. I'll post an update next week.

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Librarynan said...

What a great Roxy Picture! I'm glad you got to them in time... holding a good thought for everyone's sppedy recovery.
Your quilts are terrific, I'm glad everyone else thinks so, too! Two entries, two Best"... quite the record!