Monday, January 17, 2011

Design Wall Monday

The Christmas tree is put away and the design wall is back where it belongs. On it is a Bonnie Hunter pattern called bricks and stepping stones. While gathering up all the UFOs last month I came across piles of scraps waiting to be cut up and put away. I took care of that and now I can't get my scrap drawers shut again. I need to make some quick scrap quilts to get things under control. This one will be twin size when complete. About half of the blocks are shown in this pic and I only need to make about 1/3 more to finish.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

More Finishes

Here's photos of some more quilt tops I finished in the last two weeks. This one I call Oklahoma Stars. It was an experiment with the Road to Oklahoma block but you can't really see the stars because I inadvertenly made the wrong squares dark. I may try this pattern again. I have moved this project to the Ready to be Quilted list.

I call this one cow puzzle. The only thing this needed was the final border, which I think really brings out the puzzle pieces. Now I need to dig up some cow fabric for the back.

I started this quilt years ago but I thought it was boring so I never finished it. I think it's pre-2007. I had a lot of triangles already cut out so I went ahead and finished the blocks and put on a border. I also made a back out of some zebra print flannel a fellow guild member gave me. I still think it's boring but I'm sure some kid will love it. It's headed for the VOM children's home.

And finally, the Hungry Caterpillar. My daughter (age 26 btw) asked me to make this for her about 3 years ago. She has fond memories of the story. So I snuck it out of the house and finished it as a Christmas surprise. She loves it.

I have not been at my day job for the last 16 days and here's what I accomplished:
put borders on Cow Puzzle
blocks and borders on African Animals
quilted Red & White Irish Chain
quilted Hungry Caterpillar
quilted 3 customer quilts
binding on a donation quilt
put together 2008 2nd Saturday blocks
quilted Completely Dotty
put together Broken Dishes blocks
put borders on Funny Monsters
worked on Arctic applique
organized UFOs for 2011 Challenge
pieced backs for several donation quilts

Saturday, January 1, 2011

UFO Challenge 2011

My first finish for 2011! This was the block of the month at the local quilt store in 2008. The photo shows only half of the quilt. It is raining here so no hope of taking a picture outside in the morning. I'll get another photo after quilting.