Monday, June 17, 2013

Design Wall Monday

I haven't posted in a few weeks as there has been nothing new on the wall. I have been working on finishing quilts to show at the local fair which starts Wednesday. Last week I decided to take this week off and work on finishing some projects and cleaning up my quilt studio. It's so messy and distracting I can't concentrate on anything!

The first thing I worked on was finishing the Funky Wrench quilt. I first blogged about it here. I counted up all my cut pieces and realised I could make one large quilt or three baby quilts. The fabric seems better suited for baby quilts so this is the third and last pictured.

I really like this pattern but I changed the construction to make the blocks by quarters so I would have more design options. Since these quilts are a combination of donated fabrics and my own, I will keep one and donate the other two.

For more design walls, see Judy's blog at