Quilts 2011 and Prior

The quilts listed on this page are in completed order. I add new quilts as I finish them and older quilts as I think of them. This is really for my own records. I have given away so many quilts without making any notes about them, or even taking pictures, I made a personal vow to stop doing that!

Renewal Quilt

Renewal Quilt: Started in April 2011, finished in November 2011. This is a gift for my friends Ginny and Joe, who renewed their wedding vows last April. I had friends and family sign the fabric at the after party. The quilt pattern is called Alpine Nine Patch and is from Amazing Nickel Quilts by Pat Speth. Measurements before quilting were 104" x 104". I used Quilters Dream Select 100% cotton batting, King Tut thread in Green Olives on top and So Fine to match on the bottom. The quilting pattern is Feather Frond by Jodi Beamish.

Tile Quilt

Tile Quilt 11/2011: I believe this a pattern called Strips of Joy. Quilted with Warm and Natural batting and Permacore thread in Mother Goose. The quilting pattern in Square Spiral by Keryn Emmerson. I donated this quilt to the Valley Fire victims of Lake Co., California in January 2016.

Pink Cowboy Boots 11/2011 D
African Animals 11/2011 D
Polka Dots 11/2011 D
Trains 11/2011 D
Owls 11/2011 D

Bricks and Stepping Stones 10/2011
I donated this quilt to the Valley Fire victims of Lake Co., California in January 2016.

30's Quilt 9/2011 D

Green Quilt #6
Green Quilt #6 9/2011: after making five other "green" quilts I thought I was finished with the monochromatic color scheme. Then I went to Oregon in July 2008 to visit my friend, Nancy. Oregon is very green in the summer (California is not). While there we visited Sisters for their annual quilt show. I bought 13 green fat quarters at the Stitchin Post quilt store and made this quilt. I referred to it as "green quilt #6" for so long, the name stuck.

Ladybug Luncheon

Ladybug Luncheon 9/2011: I made a smaller version of this quilts as a donation and I liked it so much I bought the fabric all over again. Then it sat for a few years while I worked on other things. I was looking for a project to take to a quilt retreat when I remembered it. This is probably the last "not scrappy" quilt I will ever make. I love how it turned out but I was bored to tears, sewing the same colors together, over and over again. So now it's finished, thank goodness!

Churn Dash and Stars

Churn Dash and Stars 8/2011. I donated this quilt to the Valley Fire victims of Lake Co., California in January 2016.

Broken Dishes

Broken Dishes 5/2011: This quilt I made out of leftover triangles from my Fonthill Quilt. I kept moving the leftovers out of my way, putting them away, taking them out until I decided to make something or throw them away. After I made the blocks I spent months rearranging them without liking the results. Finally I removed the two darkest blocks and that improved things. They I tried alternating "light" and "dark" blocks. That was spot on! I quilted it on my domestic sewings machine with diagonal lines. I used Warm Natural batting and Permacore aqua thread.

Another Green Quilt (#2)

Another Green Quilt #2 5/2011: After making Green Quilt, I was still in love with the monochromatic thing so I started this quilt. The pattern is from an old Judy Martin book. I really enjoyed making this one. Matching up the colors was fun. I quilted it on my longarm with continuous curves, Warm and Natural batting and Superior King Tut thread in Green Olives for the green parts and varigated white for the light areas.

Purple Square Deal 5/2011

2008 2nd Saturday 4/2011


OklahomaStars 4/2011 D

Green Carriage House

Green Carriage House 4/2011. I donated this quilt to the Valley Fire victims of Lake Co., California in January 2016.

Blue and Brown Quilt 1/2011 D
Red and White Irish Chain 1/2011 D

Hungry Caterpillar, finished December 2010: a Christmas gift for my daughter.

Completely Dotty, finished December 2010: a gift for my friend's first grandson. I think I started this quilt in 2006. Unfortunately, I discovered that I hated paper piecing, which was used for the circles. It got put aside for a while, a loooong while. Then I read a post on Pat Sloan's blog about getting UFOs finished. One of her suggestions was to rework the project into something you CAN finish. The original pattern called for three rows of four circles. I had enough quarter circles finished to make five whole circles. So I fooled around with the layout until I came up with this. I was surprised at how quickly I finished it once I changed it.

Road to Oklahoma9/2010 D
Galaxy Quest 9/2010 G

Asian Two Step 69" x 93" Finished: April 2010
I needed to make a quilt for my bed while staying at the Ranch Hands retreat. I had bought two packs of fabric that coordinated from Pincushion Boutique and couldn't decide how to use them. I loved this pattern from the first time I saw it. It's from the third Nickel Quilt book, Amazing Nickel Quilts by Pat Speth. In fact, it's shown on the cover. I used Warm & Natural 100% cotton batting. The quilting pattern is Twist Shell by Lisa Thiessen.

MinnesotaWindmill 4/2010 D
Matsukawa Bishi #3 4/2010 D

Fall Carriage House 3/2010 Gifted to a friend
Christmas Lights 2/2010 D
Blue and Yellow Stars 1/2010 Donated to an auction to support SPCA of Clearlake.
Scrappy Irish Chain 1/2010 D

Green Quilt #1, 79" x 93"

Started: March 2009 Finished: December 2009
This quilt started with a grocery bag of green fabric a fellow quilt guild member gave me and told me "do whatever you want with it." The bag was translucent plastic and it sat in the corner of my living room for several months. Whenever I looked at it I wondered if I could make a quilt using all the shades of green. One day I decided to try. I ended up adding fabric from my stash and from friends. I estimated that I used over 125 green fabrics. I went on to make six more green quilts. The pattern is called Tillie's Treasures and is from the first Nickel Quilts book. I used Warm & Natural 100% cotton batting and Superior King Tut 100% cotton thread in Green Olives. The quilting pattern is Lime Tree by Keryn Emerson.

Glorious Diamonds, 45" x 69"
Started in a Kaffe Fasset workshop at the International Quilt Festival, November 2008. Finished October 2009. At the workshop we only cut and arranged the diamonds. There weren't even any sewing machines in the room. The atmosphere was great, with ladies sharing ideas and fabric. At the end of the day we looked at each quilt and Kaffe made comments. He liked mine, it reminded him of his early work, which is my favorite period in his career and the look I was hoping for.

Tamara's Treasures, finished September 2009.
Made for my friend, Tamara, for her 50th birthday. Tamara coveted another quilt of mine so I made her this one using the same fabrics.

Stack and Whack 9/2009 D

Double Delight 6/2009 G

Fonthill Quilt 6/2009
Funky Chickens II 2/2009 S
Apple Basket Quilt 2/2009 G

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