Monday, January 21, 2013

Design Wall Monday/Day of Service

Here's a little quilt I made over the weekend from the leftovers of another quilt. I used up the extra units and pieces I had cut and only had to make 4 additional blocks. I still have yardage left but I'm going to give it away. I have made two 30's quilts and I just don't care for the style. So it's time to move on.

This afternoon, Tamara and I are having a day of service. Pictured are the kits we have been cutting, laid out on the longarm table. There are 14, plus 9 more that need cutting. We are making the quick strippie quilt from Mary Johnson's website. Each one only takes about an hour so we should be able to make a big dent.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Design Wall Monday

I was very busy this weekend! Here's what I made Saturday morning. I wanted to make a sample of this pattern from Happy Zombie, which can be found here. The block in the lower left corner is a test block from a pattern called Minny Muu, which can be found here and is also designed by Happy Zombie. I love the funky wrench! I am currently in love with positive/negative patterns. Minny Muu is also nice and I'll be making more of those. And I pulled fabric for Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street. I don't like mysteries so I wait until the reveal and then decide if I want to make it.

Over the winter break from school/work, I quilted 14 quilts, shown below. The four on the right are my own and the other 10 will be donated to the VOM children's home. Yesterday I trimmed them and started making the binding.

And here's some of the binding! I made the striped binding at the bottom from several scraps of fabric, none of which were large enough to bind a quilt. But put them all together and I had enough to finish four or five lap quilts. I won't have to make binding again for a while! Seven quilts are finished and four more have the binding sewn on, they just need to be turned and sewn down.