Longarm Quilting

Quilting Services

Edge-To-Edge, your choice from my pattern catalog $.018 per square inch
Minimum charge for quilting $50.

For example:
Your quilt is 80” x 100”
80 x 100 = 8000 square inches
8000 x .018 = $144. cost of quilting

Quilt tops should be square and pressed flat, with loose threads trimmed (see additional services). Backing and batting should be squared and 4” larger than the top on each side. Please keep top, batting and backing separate (no basting or pins).

Your top will be carefully quilted on a hand-guided Nolting 24” longarm quilting machine with a stitch regulator. This machine is mounted on a 14’ table, enabling me to quilt king size tops.

Additional Services

You may bring your own batting or I can provide it for you. Prices and availability varies. I usually carry Warm Company, Quilter's Dream or Hobbs brands. Please inquire when you turn in your quilt.

Trimming batting & backing after quilting $10.00

Preparing binding fabric $20.00

Machine sewing binding $.20/ inch

Hand sewing binding $.30/ inch

The per inch cost is for the measurement around the outside of your quilt.
For example:
Your quilt is 80” x 100”
80 + 100 = 180 x 2 = 360 inches
360 x .30 = $108. cost of binding

Seam backing, squaring, repairs, pressing, trimming threads, etc…$20.00 each

Rush Jobs: additional $50.00