Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More San Antonio Quilts

Monday, February 16, some of the Valley Girls got together to put binding and labels on these quilts, which I delivered yesterday. This makes 18 total we have provided for the San Antonio High School Childcare Center.

Tamara made this top and I quilted it...

I made this one...

And this one...
And this one. Tamara picked out the color scheme.

Joann made these two quilts and I quilted them. The flowers was a top she donated.

Tamara and I made this one afternoon to try out this simple pattern. We loved it! You can put this top together in a couple of hours and a couple more to quilt it.
I made this one with leftover blocks from Second Saturday a couple of years ago.

This one I made to clean out my scrap bin. It's the Sunnly Lanes pattern from the Nickel Quilts book.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tamara's 2009 Block of the Month

Here's February's block, Diamond Star. The pattern can be found here.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ott-lite Giveaway

The Quilting on a Budget blog is having an Ott-lite giveaway. Add a comment to enter.



Here is the latest chicken quilt, Funky Chickens II, which I sold to Nancy. I included some other photos to show the evolution of this quilt.

Here's the Petaluma Quilt Guild's Opportunity Quilt which was raffled off in 2005. People are still talking about this quilt. Members of the guild made the individual blocks. I asked for "funky" chickens and that's was I got. I was worried they would clash but when Tamara and I laid them out they looked fabulous. Not all the chickens were funky and that's okay. The plain ones give the eye a place to rest. I searched for months for the green fabric and ended up using a cabbage print becuase it was the right shade of green. Nancy donated a great chicken wire print for the red border. Dena and I embroidered the eyes on the chickens. Tamara and I attached the green to the chicken blocks (extra wide so we could trim them down to all the same size) and joined the center together. Liz put on the borders and Kathy quilted it.

This is the Chicken Quilt that started it all. I made this in 2003. The chicken block was a free potholder pattern I found on the Internet. After making a few potholders a friend suggested I make a quilt. I used fall colors and made many more than I needed. The leftovers were turned into potholders for Christmas gifts.

And now, a sneak peek at Nancy's suprise house warming gift. Can you guess what it will be?