Monday, March 31, 2014

Design Wall Monday

The giant dahlia is back on the design wall. I had to take it down to work on a project I can't show yet. Now that I have the next row of red added, the fabric looks too light. I don't like it enough that it needs to be changed. I have two choices, find a replacement fabric or leave off the row entirely and make a smaller quilt. I will have to think about it for a few days.

Now a sneak peek of my next project, my daughter's wedding quilt:
This is a variation of Double Wedding Ring called Pickledish. I hoped to get 120 of these done by the time I went to the quilt retreat at the end of the month but I forgot how much I hate paper piecing. It took me two hours and three pieces of paper to finish one! The next one only took one hour, but that's still too much time. A fellow quilter gave me some tips Friday night so hopefully this will go faster. I need to have them finished so I can put the top together at the retreat.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Design Wall Monday

I started my quilt for the  red and white challenge hosted by SewCalGal. . I've been wanting to make a giant dahlia for a long time. I was fortunate to find the Marti Michell templates on a cast off table as they are quite expensive. They are well made and the pieces are fitting together perfectly. I so rarely use red in my quilts I had to buy fabric for this project. I'm not sure why I feel compelled to make a red and white quilt. There are other projects I should be working on but this one was speaking to me.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Design Wall Monday

I actually took this picture a few weeks ago, when I finished this for Judy's January Scrappy Challenge. I finished this quickly for two reasons: I really like this block and I was able to reuse some half square triangle units leftover from another project.

For those of you who find "scrappy" a challenge, try this: make each block with different fabrics, with the same fabrics for the individual units. I call it "controlled scrappy" and I got the idea from a Judy Martin book years ago.

I'll get this quilted as soon as I get my longarm fixed. One of the switches is broken and since I'm not sure which one, I'm going to have all 4 replaced. That should be done this week.

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Design Wall Monday

I took vacation time over the holidays and worked on this project. I haven't worked on it for several months. In fact, it had been so long I didn't set my sewing machine up correctly and sewed a bunch of squares with the seam allowance too wide. So I had to rip and begin again. My advice to you all out in blogland is don't leave your project so long you forget what you are doing! So now I'm back on track and I am happy to report that the top part of this photo is the edge of the quilt!

The lower part is actually five sections pinned on top of each other. Next I will sew all the sections together and begin working towards the other edge, on the right. I will make this quilt as wide as I can with the remaining red fabric. I'll have to calculate how many red squares I'll need. Hopefully it will end up 97" x 97".

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Real Studio Tour

Vicki Welsh is hosting a tour of real quilt studios (not fancy decorated and staged ones like you see in magazines) on her blog, Field Trips in Fiber. I meant to participate in all the posts but I just couldn't get myself organized. The final day was Friday and I'm just now getting around to taking photos and writing a post!

My quilt studio is actually the living room of my tiny, two bedroom cottage. When my daughter moved out last year, I moved my longarm from my friend's living room to my own. (I have some very generous friends!) I have a 24" Nolting on a 14' table. The table is long enough to store three rolls of batting underneath. The other side has storage for scraps of fabric and batting, large pieces of fabric for backing and quilting tools.

To the right is the doorway to the rest of the house and my sewing area. I use a sew-ez table with a small folding table at a right angle for my work area. I usually keep the ironing board to the left of the table. Before I bought the longarm I used to quilt with this setup, only I slipped another table behind the machine for a larger work area.

To the right of my sewing machine is the "wall-o-fabric". From left to right is my stash in the first section, which is about 32" wide and 7' tall. The next small section is UFO storage above and more fabric storage below. This fabric is mostly large pieces and stripes for binding. The next section is more UFOs above and finished quilts below.

To the right of that is quilting books and a mix of customer quilts, my own unfinished tops and unfinished donation tops. I hope to make a dent in this section over the holidays. To the right of this is the front door.

On the opposite side of the room is my work table (currently a storage table) and my cutting table. Underneath is storage and the dog bed, so my dogs can be in the room with me but not underfoot. That's Boo in the bed. Roxy is afraid of the camera so she went to sleep somewhere else.

This is my design wall, which I can roll around the room. It's two pieces of rigid foam insulation, covered with flannel, and sandwiched around an Ikea clothes rack, tied together with zip ties. I don't have a permanent place to store it so I just roll it out of my way. I like how I can roll it right next to my sewing machine for putting together a quilt top. I got the idea from someone's blog. It might have even been Vicki's but I can't find the original link.


So that's my studio. This is the first time I've had a dedicated sewing space. I wish it were a little bigger sometimes. On the other hand, I would just fill up the extra room with stuff! In case you're wondering, the second bedroom is now the living room.

Design Wall Monday

This is the first Monday of two weeks of vacation from work! I should clarify that I'm on vacation from my day job. I will be working on customer quilts during the next two weeks. Here's what's on the wall today, the last corner of my latest quilt.

This is a photo I took a couple of days ago. I should have this finished today. Then I have to decide about the borders. It's about 85" square right now and I need it to be closer to 100" but I don't want to just slap on giant borders. I also need to think of a name for it!

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Design Wall Monday

I worked on this quilt more over the holiday. These pictures don't really do it justice. Then I started a tree skirt for my daughter.

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