Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fonthill Quilt

This weekend was the biannual San Francisco Quilters Guild two day show. I entered my Fonthill Quilt and was elated that it won BEST OF SHOW!!!

I didn't know it won until I walked up to it at the show this afternoon. The judges made some very nice remarks about my use of color and technical skills on the evaluation form.

Other great news about this quilt: 18 months ago I got a call from Christine Barnes. She saw this quilt at the Pacific International Quilt Show in 2009 and wanted to know if she could include it in the gallery section of a book she was writing. Two weeks ago I received my copy, shown below.

This book is available from the C & T website and Amazon.

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Librarynan said...

YYYAAYY Kerstin! I'm so pleased for you! I'm glad your work is getting the recognition it deserves.