Monday, October 19, 2009

Design Wall Monday

After reading the comments from my last post, I spent some time rearranging this quilt. What I really don't like about is is the WIDE sashing. It's just too much. The last photo showed white, that was actually the flannel cover of my design wall. So I am going to make the sashing the same width as the green squares and make it blue or purple to correspond with the alternate blocks. Problem solved and thanks for the comments. It really helped me get to the root of my dislike of this UFO.
Here's what's on the other side! These triangles were leftover from the Fonthill Quilt. I have been moving them out of the way for 2 years! Finally I decided I should throw them away or make them into something. So here they are. This block is called broken dishes and is 8".


Kare said...

Love the broken dishes - and to think you were contemplating throwing them away!

GARI said...

The broken dishes will make a wonderful little quilt, either for charity or as a table topper. I use a lot of leftovers as quilted table cloths. And your purple quilt top is looking beautiful.