Monday, March 23, 2009

Tamara's 2009 Block of the Month

Here's the March block, Sawtooth Star. The instructions can be found here

This is what I was working on this weekend:

Several months ago a fellow guild member gave me a bag of green fabric and said "do anything you want with it.". I was inspired to make a green quilt. I'll be using a pattern called Tillie's Treasures from Nickel Quilts. I pinned up all the squares to see if any really clashed before I started sewing. There are two or three I may remove but overall I'm happy. I'm trying to not repeat any green and I think I can do it. I'll be using white with mossy dots for the backround, also from the bag. There were also some large cuts I can use for the backing, 1.5 to 2 yards each. I spent all day Sunday washing, ironing and cutting fabric for this project and I still have the backround squares to cut.

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Librarynan said...

The greens are much nicer than I had thought... lots moe blue-greens... which, of course, is my personal favorite! I don't have much green in my stash, except for the Christmas stuff.

The star block does lookk a bit different, but still too similar for my taste. I'll do a different one, if that is OK.