Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Green Quilt

Here's some more photos of the green quilt. After I got all 143 pairs of 5 inch squares up, I worked it over to remove squares that stood out too much or were too light. Then I moved the darkest squares to the outside to create a border. These will have light green backrounds instead of white with green dots. This is not the final layout since turning the squares into blocks will change their character. I wanted to weed out any possible problems since I have barely enough backround fabric. No room for errors!

Here's a closer photo so you can see some of the print's details:

I really used every shade of green, from gray green to bright green to blue-green to a green so dark it's almost black. Some squares have a little bit of a contrasting color to add interest. I can't wait to start sewing. This was going to be a stand-by project for Friday nights but I'm so excited about it I think I'll start tonight!

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Librarynan said...

I do love the "Tillie's Treasures" block - I had seen it before... have no idea where in the trailer my quilting books are! We may have to find them when you come up this summer. I'll be quilting tomorrow... had to go to Nora's today - it is nice to do family stuff sometimes.